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coming back to newgrounds

2012-07-23 06:01:02 by sonicrider2012

it had been over 3 days working in my new project and i will name it combo (it's so short but better than any thing i made )
and here's a pic of the cover(i hope you like it ) so wait for me today or tomorrow to see the big launch

coming back to newgrounds

yay, i am back #2

2012-07-11 17:47:30 by sonicrider2012

hey every one who reads this ( and i don't think that any one is reading >.> )
i got my right arm broken but i still can use the mouse and i am back from a long apsent and first news is : i am going for a new project ( didn't choose the name yet <.< ) better than any thing i made before cuz i got some courses at flash and i learned at got a lot of exp :3
second : i got photo shop now and i draw on it so later check some of my arts ^_^
third : any one who wants to talk to me just add me a friend on facebook ( my name is philo atef ) and plz , plz some one give me sound effects for punches and a good music for a fighting
help me to enjoy you .
thanks every one for reading. cya.
p.s : every one who reads this plz add me to your fav so i can have fans. :/

my big project

2012-06-02 06:50:31 by sonicrider2012

ok, i am started in my first big project and i would call (FiRe It Up) and i promise it will be great when i finish it this my second day in making it but still didn't finish it :(, in any way i want some help cuz i can't add sound effects or any sound (even a little song :( how bad ) and i need any help so pm me with your help please.
and also i will lately unleash my first big project in next Jule so all wish me luck.

grrrrrrrrrr, when i almost finished my project something went bad in flash and it crashed :'(

ahhh, shit >:(
no all my work died when i was almost finished my flash :(
i hate when the windows falls :(
but in any way i got my laptop and i am ready to work :) and soon i will but a link to a new game..... ( a tester ) and i want from any one who reads these news to go and see if there is any bug in the game so i can fix it cuz my flash... iS.....CRAP
so plz , plz and plz check it out.